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Monday, October 06, 2008

US To Israel: Lets Drop That Visa Requirement, Okay?

Their is nothing more annoying rewarding than contacting a foreign government in order to haggle for a Visa so that you can visit that country in the near future (provided the government does not make you wait for several months).

Joking aside, it looks as if US is seriously thinking about removing the Visa requirement (after briefly considering it last year).

( The U.S. may waive its visa requirement for Israelis, U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff told Interior Minister Meir Sheetrit during their meeting in Washington Thursday.

"I received a positive readiness from Secretary of Homeland Security Chertoff, and also from Under Secretary of State William Burns. Their agreement is necessary for the initiative to advance, and both of them support the idea," said Sheetrit. "All that remains is approval to bring Israel into the track that the U.S. has opened in the past for a few other countries [under visa waiver agreements]," he added.

Sheetrit spoke to Haaretz while in the U.S for talks aimed at achieving a visa-waiver agreement for Israelis.

Other countries (like Russia) have already removed Visa requirements for Israeli's, and it is good to see the US government pursuing a similar path as Israel does not require American's to request a Visa in order to visit the holy land.

Hopefully this process is sped up, as it would allow many Israeli businessmen (and women) in the medical, green energy and software technology fields to visit the land of opportunity in order to benefit both countries (and their economies as well).

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