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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Skybot: All Your High Rise Windows Should Be Washed By Us (Israel)

One job I probably would not enjoy is that of a window washer cleaning the glass of skyscrapers. While the view may be impressive, the potential of falling off would not be (making this job very dangerous).

Fortunately it looks like a new mechanical beast may not only help eliminate the need for workers to risk their lives for cleaner sky scrappers, but it may also help reduce the cost as well.

(Israel 21st Century) [S]ince window-washers - and hopefully their employers - want the work done in as safe a manner as possible, cleaning must take place during daylight hours, preferably in fair or good weather. If it's too windy or stormy, the work just won't get done - meaning an extra expense for building management, who have to pay staff, and schedule delays in getting important maintenance work done.

According to Skybot's Yoram Barmohay, it's far more efficient to use robotics. Skybot's system, "combines the most advanced artificial intelligence technology and plain low-tech common sense," Barmohay tells ISRAEL21c. "The robots allow a fully automatic and consistent cleaning process, much more efficiently and better than any human team can accomplish." [...]

As the system cleans an area of the building, it can also dry a previously treated area - making Skybot quicker than human alternatives. "Our system can clean a surface of 500 square meters in an hour, compared to 250 square meters a human team can cover on a workday," says Barmohay.

According to the article, Skybot can operate in any type of weather condition, as well as handle wind speeds up to 45 mph (which is a little over 72 kilometers).

The company has tested their robot in Tel Aviv as well as Europe, although there is no word on when their window cleaning machine will hit the US.

(Image Credit: Skybot Gallery)

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