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Monday, February 11, 2008

Yahoo! Opening Its First Branch In Haifa

Despite the fact that the company is thwarting a semi-hostile takeover by Microsoft, not to mention celebrating in their latest Israeli startup purchase, Yahoo! has decided to finally "take the plunge" and actually open a development center in Haifa, Israel.

(Globes Online) Yahoo! will soon set up its first branch in Israel. The company will rent a 350-square meter office at Matam at NIS 60 per sq.m. per month under a two-year lease. The company has also rented parking spaces at NIS 400 per space per month. Yahoo! will join other international giants at Matam, such as Google, Microsoft, [and] Intel Inc.

Yahoo! has been busy in Israel, as they are already forming alliances in order to wage a digital war against the Google Goliath.

Hopefully Yahoo! will find some much needed inspiration in the holy land to fight the Microsoft Borg, not to mention some really smart Israeli's well versed in "all things geek."

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