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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Kosher Food Invading 2008 Olympics

While kosher food is slowly gaining popularity in the US, it ironically is becoming quite trendy in the far east.

With the 2008 Olympics being hosted in Beijing, China this year, it looks as if a new restaurant has opened its doors to welcome Jewish and "kosher eating" travelers to feast within its walls.

(Israel National News) A new kosher restaurant opened within the past year in the Chinese capital, catering to foreign Jewish residents, tourists, a handful of Muslims and even a few Chinese citizens.

Dini's Kosher Restaurant owner Lewis Sperber told the Associated Press this week that he might also set up a second restaurant in the northern section of Beijing, closer to the area in which the Olympic Games will be held.

"If people leave the Olympics and want a kosher meal, we could have a place for them," said Sperber. The Games are expected to draw some 55,000 tourists to the city, a potential bonanza for the new kosher start-up.

This is good news for Jewish travelers as it will present one less thing for the to worry about if they decide to watch the Olympics in person rather than on television.

Note: If restaurants and hotels in China are unable to adapt their kitchens for their kosher guests, then the might want to consider purchasing these kosher vending machines.

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