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Monday, February 25, 2008

iDigital To Israel: All Your Macs To Be Served By Us

It looks as if Israeli Mac fans are soon going to receive not only real customer support in the holy land, but also a future Apple store as well.

(Globes Online) Apple users, who are known for their enthusiasm and their passion for the Apple brand, had repeatedly complained about Yeda's failure to provide service and sales and marketing support.

[iDigital Ltd. CEO Eran] Tor promised that this would also change. "You needn't worry. The first Apple Store in Israel will open this year," he said, but declined to state when it would open and where.

iDigital is already boasting about record sales in Israel, claiming more operating systems have been sold in the past five months than in the previous five years.

While an actual store, coupled with excellent Mac service would go a long ways towards appeasing many Israeli Mac fans, hopefully iDigital can convince Apple to launch their iPhone within the Jewish state.

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