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Monday, February 25, 2008

Neo Nazi Discovers Jewish Roots, Joins The Kosher Side

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Its not everyday that one hears about a Neo Nazi leaving their previous psychotic ideals for something better, let alone the Jewish faith.

But it looks like one man, after discovering his Kosher roots, decided he could no longer fight the very thing he once pledge to destroy.

(Ha'aretz) Before learning about his Jewish roots, Pinchads Zlotosvsky from Poland was a skinhead with uncompromising contempt for Jews, the 32-year-old ultra-Orthodox Jew told Haaretz last weekend during Shavei Israel's annual conference for hidden Jews in Lodz.

The transition in Zlotosvsky's life occurred after his mother told him she comes from a Jewish family. Her parents, she said, sent her to a monastery when she was a small child so that she would survive the Holocaust.

All her relatives were murdered, as far as Pinchas Zlotosvsky knows. "I realized I was Jewish according to Judaism. I couldn't look myself in the mirror for a whole week after I found out," he recalls. After he recovered from the shock, he spent the past few years rediscovering his Jewish roots. He has also become very active with the Jewish community.

This is a great story to hear, and hopefully Zlotosvsky will be able to spread his new found love of all things Israeli to those stuck within the Nazi mindset.

While there is no mention whether or no Zlotosvsky is considering making Aliyah, hopefully the Israeli government would consider inviting him over to visit the holy land, as his story would provide a powerful testimony for the entire Jewish population.

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