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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Video: Shahar Wins The Bronze For Israel!

 (Hat Tip: IsRealli, Image Credit:

What started out as a "practice sail" for Shahar Zubari (who ironically entered the Beijing Olympics to help train for the 2012 London Olympics) turned into a bronze medal finish for the young Israeli sailor.

(Ynet News) Despite an ominous start to the final sail, in which the surfers had to go back to the starting line due to a disqualification by the Greek surfer – who lost 20 points – Tzuberi was able to make up for lost time and gain the lead; finishing the crucial final race – which allows for a double score – in second place, ranking third overall. [...]

"I did it!" said Tzuberi immediately after the results were confirmed, a huge smile on his face. "This took a lot of hard work. I'm very happy about this achievement and about how happy everyone is back home."

Recounting the sail, Tzuberi said, "I had a good start but then I had to go back because of the disqualification. I knew throughout the race that I could better my position… I made some strategic decisions and they paid off. After the first buoy I could see it was possible and I went for it."

After previously mistaking Shahar's "fourth place" as a no medal finish, I actually discovered later on that Shahar Zubari did in fact win the bronze metal (note: much to my delight!).

This is a proud moment for Israel, although hopefully we will see Shahar win the gold--next time in London!

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