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Monday, August 04, 2008

Israel: A New Way To Reconstruct Hips?

Hips, like many body parts come in pairs. Unfortunately if one of your hips is injured, your life quickly slows down to a "crawl," with surgery being the usual remedy towards fixing your hips.

While reconstructive hip surgery has come a long ways since they were first pioneered by John Charnley, they may not be too healthy for patients in the long run (note: pun not intended), due to the extra wear and tear upon the surrounding bones.

Fortunately it seems as if a company called Active Implants has developed a unique way of helping both the elderly and the marathon runner protect their injured hips--without causing more damage to their neighboring bones.

(Israel 21st Century) Active Implants' TriboFit Buffer is a pliable, resilient cap that fits snuggly in the socket in the hipbone that connects with the head of the femur to form the hip joint.

Made of a soft, pliable polycarbonate-urethane material invented only in the mid 1990s and already used successfully for cardiac surgery, it provides the same elasticity and cushioning as human cartilage. In addition it mimics the stress distribution functions of a healthy joint, and induces lubrication. [...]

"A healthy hip joint comes with a shock absorber, a layer of cartilage and fluid, that helps to buffer the impact of significant loads and to establish normal stress distribution," Stephen Bradshaw, president and CEO of Active Implants tells ISRAEL21c "With optimum lubrication, you can essentially eliminate wear."

Even though Active Implants technology has yet to clear FDA approval, their product is already attracting attention from investors (according to Israel 21st Century).

With the growing population of humanity entering into their golden years (translation: old age) or becoming more active in high risk sports, we may see Active Implants product become more widespread--at least throughout the western world.

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