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Monday, August 18, 2008

iBlessing: Keeping You Kosher Via iPhone (Free)

While scrolling through the Apple App store (on iTunes), I came across a really cool iPhone app called iBlessing that helps beginners in Hebrew learn to recite the correct prayer over their meal (as praying over bread is apparently different then praying over meat).

Once the screen loads up, all a user has to do is touch one of the food items on the table and iBlessing will not only say the correct prayer in Hebrew, but offer an English translation for those not yet fluent in the kosher tongue (note: this author included).

iBlessing is the product of the Jewish Learning Group, who some readers may recognize as the creater of the famous Say-a-Blessing electronic keychain.

While there are other similar iPhone apps available (like KosherMe from Fill My Head), this app is provided free of charge--a price I admit is hard to beat! ;-)

Note: More Kosher iPhone Apps seem to be filtering there way through the iPhone App store, so hopefully this is a good sign that the iPhone will eventually make its way towards Israel (perhaps by the time iDigital finishes constructing their Mac store).

Update (9/15): It looks like they have officially bumped up the price to $1 USD (or NIS 3.6). It still is cheaper than its kosher competitors though...

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