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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Israel: Did You Say Free Cellular Phone Calls?

HOT Cable Systems, a broadband cable company in Israel has found an interesting way of offering customers free calls on their landlines without going broke.

(Globes Online) For the first time in Israel, a telephone company has launched a pilot for free cellular telephone calls in exchange for listening to advertisements. Sources inform ''Globes'' that HOT Cable Systems Media Ltd. (TASE: HOT) plans to launch just such a pilot next week. Participants will dial a designated number and then the cellular number of the recipient. They will then have to listen to a 6-10 second advertisement before being connected.

Customers will accumulate call-minutes. After six minutes, the system will automatically send the advertisements again before allowing the free call to continue.

Unfortunately this plan seems to be limited within Israel, as there is no mention of users being able to dial internationally for free (in exchange for listening to advertisements).

Note: Another company called Spikko is also offering free calls, although they have yet to open up their site to the outside world (which means I will probably be using Skype to contact friends in the holy land).

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