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Monday, August 04, 2008

Israel To Hollywood: Why Not Film Your Flick In The Holy Land?

(Hat Tip: IsRealli)

Anyone who has ever traveled to (or even lived) in the holy land can probably inform you on just how diverse the Jewish state is. With forests, beaches, deserts, mountains, archaic skylines and one very salty lake, Israel could provide the perfect background for a variety of movies.

In order to help "spread the word" about Israel's landscape, the government has proposed a bill providing incentives towards foreign filmmakers to shoot their movies within Israel's border.

(Ynet News) While Israelis are unlikely to wake up inside the set of "The Truman Show" anytime soon, the government does want to turn Israel into a huge filming site. [...]

The bill includes clauses such as a 20% decrease in the cost of movie productions whose expenditures are NIS 8 million (roughly $2.3 million) or more; a 15% decrease in the production cost for movies that were co-produced and where foreigners spent NIS 4 million (about $1.15 million) or more in Israel and value-added tax benefits for production services given to foreigners for producing movies in Israel. 

Even though movies such as You Don't Mess with the Zohan and In Treatment (on HBO) have helped to blaze a path for Israeli flavored films/shows, hopefully the Israeli government's incentives will not only attract more film makers to the holy land, but also help them understand what Israel is truely about (and convey that in their movies).

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