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Monday, August 18, 2008

Israel's Spikko: Free Calls For "Everyone"

Spikko, a VoIP service that may rival Skype has recently created software for 3G mobile phones. Unfortunately the site is still in beta so it looks as if only 1,000 people are able to use it (thus far).

(Globes Online) The company hopes to recruit an initial 1,000 subscribers, and will later expand the service both domestically and internationally. New subscribers must be nominated by existing ones. Each subscriber receives the company's SpikkoPhone software and an Israeli telephone number, which is used to make calls and accumulate airtime, allowing for the placing of calls for free anywhere in the world. The service also offers video and chat services, and will soon also offer e-mail and instant messaging.

While I have yet to test Spikko for myself, they may find competition against Skype to be pretty tough, especially with the VoIP giant embracing Israel within their global calling plan and Google jumping in via GrandCentral.

It will be interesting to see how well Spikko performs on the global stage (although I would not be surprised if they attracted millions of users with the words "free international calling").

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