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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Video: Shamoon College Wins "Green Competition"

It looks as if a university in southern Israel has won the Green Campus Award, which is a prestigious honor given that the school was competing against 60 other universities around the nation.

Regardless of politics, everyone can agree that preserving our environment is an important priority for the human race, and it looks as if the Sami Shamoon Collage of Engineering is helping to instill that belief within its local community.

(One Jerusalem) According to Wolfson, Shamoon is the only Israeli college to offer courses in Green Engineering, which cover sustainability, green energy, green buildings and green architecture. Wolfson commented, "Our hope is that, along with the knowledge the students gain, will come a feeling of obligation to deal with environmental issues, both as students and in their future professional lives."

With campuses in Beer Sheva and Ashdod, Shamoon College has extensive outreach initiatives to train parents, primary school students and teachers, and army officers about the importance of protecting the environment. The local towns benefit as well - non-Shamoon students can take a Shamoon course called "Chemistry and the Environment", and college students lead environmental activities for the community and for grade schools in Beer Sheva and local Bedouin villages.

Note: Here is a short video highlighting what Shamoon College has to offer to potential students thinking about attending (especially those considering making Aliyah).

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