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Monday, June 11, 2007

Can Tel Aviv Get Enough Of Google?

It looks as if the search engine giant is opening even more offices in Tel Aviv. Google, which is currently the top Israeli site seems to be expanding its presence even further in Israel in their attempt to take over the world.

(Globes Online) Google Israel today dedicated its new offices on the 26th floor of the Levinstein Building in Tel Aviv. The offices will house the company's new R&D center, headed by Yossi Mattias, and the sales department, headed by Google Israel country manager Meir Brand.

Google VP engineering and research Alan Eustace was the guest of honor at the dedication. He praised the excellence of the company's Israeli team.

The Google Israel branch celebrated the opening by throwing a party, which you can grab the details over at Ouriel's blog (hat tip: Israelity).

Google expanse into Israel is no surprise, seeing that one of the founders (Sergey Brin) is himself Jewish. I wonder if he will ever consider making aliyah one of these days?

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