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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Aaron Pribble Joins Israeli Baseball League

(Image: Aaron Pribble spinning a baseball, Credit: IJ photo/Alan Dep, via Marin Independent Journal)

If you have never heard of Aaron Pribble before, that is because he has never played for the MBL (although he has pitched for independent teams before in the US and France). But it looks like Pribble will be getting a chance to make history by playing for the Israeli Baseball League (IBL) this summer.

(Marin Independent Journal) But next week, Pribble embarks on another fantasy baseball trip that tops them all. He's leaving to play in the new Israel Baseball League. Seriously. It's a legitimate startup league and Pribble is a legitimate professional player, having pitched for independent league teams from Rohnert Park to San Angelo, Texas, and even for a team in France.

"More than anything I think it's going to be a great adventure," Pribble said of his upcoming stint in the six-team IBL. "That's the way I'm looking at it."

Ironically Aaron's former baseball coach was the one who "pushed" Aaron to try out for the IBL. Aaron at first thought his former coach was pulling his leg, but after visiting the IBL website and jumping through several hoops, he found himself playing with the Israeli big boys.

Israel initially started the IBL in order to help make the holy land feel more like home for those who committed Aliyah (not to mention give citizens another subject to talk about besides politics, etc.).

If the IBL shows potential, hopefully the MBL would consider adding the team to its various network, as it would help boost tourism for both nations on either side of "the Atlantic pond."

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