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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Video: JTN Launches Jewish Television Network Online

It looks as if users around the world will now have the ability to access quality "kosher" content from the comfort of their home thanks in part to the Jewish Television Network.

(Jerusalem Post) Jewish Television Network Productions, an independent production and distribution company, launched the first broadband network of its kind last week, featuring a wide range of Jewish life-related programming. [...]

Last year, JTN recognized that with the emergence of audio and video on the Web, the Internet could make the initiative viable. "It's good for the Jewish people and for the world for there to be a Jewish network, and that's why we launched," said Sanderson from his office in LA. The annual budget will be between $500,000 and $1 million.

With JTN launching an online version (broadband only), users will be able to view their favorite Jewish programs online without having to pay extra on their DirectTV bill. You can visit the site over at or click on the image below.

Note: Since this is the second video Israel News site that I have discovered, I am going to make a separate list on the sidebar.

Update (6/26): Changed image link to video.

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