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Monday, June 11, 2007

180 New England Jews To Commit Aliyah!

This is good news indeed for the Jewish nation! Having lived in New England before, I can attest that Israel will be receiving some of the most brightest (and creative) minds the US has ever known.

(Ynet News) Some 180 American Jews who are about to move to Israel will attend a farewell reception, the Boston Jewish advocate reported last week.

"The surge of area residents immigrating to Israel continues, as more New Englanders will make aliyah in 2007 than any other year to date," the report said. [...]

"This is a major moment, and a huge responsibility for me," the Advocate quoted Tova Grushko, regional director of the Center, as saying.

"These are high-quality people coming from this area who are going to change the face of Israel," she added.

In the Ynet article, some of the Jews did admit moving to the Holy Land would be "daunting" as they in essence will be starting a new life, one which is very different from New England.

How ever one thing these Jews can look forward to are the warmer temperatures, not to mention the Dead Sea and beautiful beaches.

Update: My site's time settings seem to be off. Post has been corrected to reflect publishing order.

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