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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Macedonia Defeated In Euro 2008 Qualifier Match

It looks like another victory for the Israeli football (or soccer for Americans) team!

Israel played against Macedonia, and was able to score two goals in the first half of the game. Ynet brings us the details!

(Ynet News) Israel's Barak Yitzhaki - who plays for Beitar Jerusalem - scored the first goal of the game in the 10th minute. Macedonian Aco Stojkov tied the game three minutes later.

Roberto Damian Colautti (Maccabi Haifa) scored Israel its second goal in the 43rd minute of the match, sending Israel to half-time with the lead.

Israel seems to be doing very well this season, having previously shut out Estonia and (unfortunately) tieing England a few months ago.

Currently Israel ranks third in their group, behind Russia and Croatia (although hopefully not for long).

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