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Monday, December 15, 2008

Video: Israel's MagShoe May Make Shoe Bombers Nervous

If there is anything people probably hate about flying, it's probably the long security lines.

While many people do not mind security agents scanning their bodies (or requiring that they walk through a metal detector), taking off one's shoe can be rather irritating (especially if you are running late for a flight).

In order to help speed up the process for most travelers, one company called IDO Security has developed a device that not only thoroughly scans the various sneakers, boots and shoes of travelers, but allows passengers to keep their beloved foot wear on their lower ten digits.

While MagShoe probably should have launched "yesteryear," its presence should help prevent another terrorist attempt at smuggling weapons via their sneakers.

MagShoe is not yet available at every airport (at least not in the US), but this device has the potential of helping airlines remove yet another excuse for people deciding not to fly out for the holidays (or even for business).

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