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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Finally! European Union To Fully Embrace Israel

Despite some resistance from some regional neighbors, it looks as if the European Union will upgrade its ties with the Jewish state, potentially creating more allies across the Mediterranean "pond."

( The European Union's 27 foreign ministers unanimously approved upgrading relations with Israel on Monday, despite vigorous efforts by the Palestinian Authority and Egypt to thwart the move. [...]

As a result of the upgrade in relations, Israel's foreign minister will start meeting three times a year with all 27 EU foreign ministers. Other ministers will meet once a year with their European counterparts. Israel and the EU will also conduct a strategic dialogue on issues such as the peace process, the Iranian threat, counterterrorism and organized crime. In addition, the EU pledged to help Israel integrate into UN agencies and to include Israeli experts in EU peacekeeping forces.

Since Israel already has strong economic ties with Europe, I am not too surprised to see the EU reaching out to the Jewish state (who has, ironically been seeking to upgrade its status for quite some time).

Even though Israel already has great relations with several nations on the continent (like France, Germany, and the people of Norway), this new agreement should help expose the rest of Europe to Israel's true side (and hopefully dispel any rumors and myths about the Jewish state from the media).

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