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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Israeli Tech Firms In Atlanta?

It looks like 13 Israeli tech firms will be visiting (note: or rather have visited) the US in order to meet with government officials from Georgia (the US state, and not the country).

(Globes Online) Thirteen Israeli technology companies will meet major US companies in Atlanta this week, as part of a groundbreaking conference focused on harnessing Web 2.0 applications by businesses. The conference, U.S. - Israel Web 2.0 Business Exchange: "Empowering the Connected Enterprise," has been organized by the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Southeast Region (AICC) and is intended showcase the latest Israeli and American innovations. [...]

"From politics to natural disasters to business, it's clear that Web. 2.0 tools represent the next generation of interactive technology," says Tom Glaser, president of the American Israel Chamber of Commerce. "Home Depot used Twitter to send storm tips and store info to Gulf Coast residents when Hurricane Gustav hit demonstrating that Web 2.0 tools have today reached the business mainstream."

Its good to see more recognition of what Israel is doing online--especially from US state governments. Hopefully this will spread and other neighboring regions will choose to partner with Israeli tech firms.

The Israeli companies who attended were:

  • Worklight: Basically they help make popular internet tools corporate friendly for businesses.
  • PlyMedia: This company makes video captioning a reality. See TechCrunch for more details.
  • Kenshoo: A search engine marketing company.
  • Pando: A file sharing service.
  • FlixWagon: Helps you broadcast your life to the world from your mobile phone. They even have an iPhone version (note: sweet!)
  • Zend: When it comes to PHP coding, these guys (and gals) are guru's.
  • JumpTap: Its basically like Google for your mobile phone.
  • Unisfair: Helps companies save money (and time) by providing mobile events where people can "see" and talk to each other. Think SecondLife gone corporate.
  • Boxee: Its still in Alpha, but it seems to be video social network of some kind. See Lifehacker for more details.
  • AdYouNet: They basically help businesses monetize their customers better online.
  • MB Technologies: (note: I think this is their site) Hosting and web design company.

Hopefully more companies will be able to "cross the pond" and visit the US, as this is probably one of the best ways to change the perception of Israel as a place full of "faith and conflicts" (instead of a modern country like--America!).

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