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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Aliyah News: 235 Jews Come Home!

Jacob Richman, who blogs over at Good News From Israel (as well as the Solar Energy in Israel weblog) has informed everyone that over 200 Jews have left their former homelands in order to begin a new life as Israeli citizens.

(Good News From Israel) On Monday morning, September 8, 2008, I was at Ben-Gurion airport to greet the new olim that made aliyah from North America to Israel.

There were 235 olim on the flight including 91 singles (including 18 joining the IDF) and 34 families with 53 children. The youngest oleh in the group is three months old and the oldest oleh is 85 years old. The flight also included 10 dogs.

He also took hundreds of pictures (note: I wonder what type of camera he has?) which have also been uploaded to Facebook. :-)

While this is an impressive number to enter on Israeli soil, I am still hoping that more will consider moving to Israel, especially with the government making it easier for olim (or immigrants) to migrate towards the holy land.

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