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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eurobasket: Israel Destroys Czech Republic

Perhaps "destroys" is a bit of an over statement, but it looks as if Israel surprised many fans and foes alike by defeating the Czech Republic in the EuroBasket.

( Israel overwhelmed the Czech Republic 98-61 last night in EuroBasket qualifying play, winning a spot in next year's tournament despite coming into the game with the odds of advancing decidedly against it.

Some 8,500 fans turned out for the team's sixth and final qualifier at Tel Aviv's Nokia Arena. Its performance until last night had been below expectations, failing to log even a single away win.

Even with the win, Israel needed the basketball stars to align just so in order for it to advance to the biennial tournament, to be held next year in Poland.

Those stars may be aligning themselves, as France was recently defeated by Turkey. Hopefully we will see Israel advance (as basketball is the dominant sport in the kosher state).

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