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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Israel Tech: TuneWiki's Android App Puts iPhone's iPod To Shame (Google)

Android, a mobile software platform developed by Google is seen by many in the "geek world" as a way to bring some of the iPhone's best features to power a variety of  mobile devices.

In order to compete against Steve Jobs beloved iPhone, Google is giving away $10 million in prize money in order to attract developers to create powerful software applications (aka apps) for Android.

While many of the apps featured will probably not be able to compete against the iPhone, there is one that give the iPhone's iPod app a "run for its money." (note: some images and songs in the video may not be "kosher" for kids).

This music app was developed by an Israeli startup called TuneWiki, who was one of 20 finalists to win prize money from the search engine king for creating an app that (in my honest opinion) actually puts the iPhone's music player to shame.

Even though I am still hoping that Israeli's will be able to acquire the iPhone in the near future (as they now have an official Apple store within the holy land), they may not need Steve Jobs glorious tool--especially if other Israeli startups develop interesting software to power these devices.

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