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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Tennis: Shahar Peer Defeats Safina (Go Israel!)

(Image Credit: Tom Dolev via Ynet News) 

Shahar Peer, one of Israel's biggest stars in tennis, defeated Dinara Safina from Russia in an intense battle on the tennis court.

(Ynet News) Israel's top female tennis player Shahar Peer beat Russia's Dinara Safina 7-5 6-7 8-6 on Saturday to advance to Wimbledon's fourth round for the first time in her career.

Peer came back in dramatic fashion to beat Safina, the French Open finalist, after trailing 3:5 in the third and deciding set. 

Peer is one of several Israeli tennis stars to break the scene, although Shahar is by far getting the most attention (which is probably due to her incredible matches, like the last one she faced).

Hopefully Peer will be able to survive long enough to take on one of the William sisters--although it may take a miracle to defeat either one of them (as they place a fierce game).

Update: Inserted source link, corrected quote layout.

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