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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rotating Skyscrappers? (Israeli Architecture)

For the past six thousand years of recorded history, humanity has be fascinated with building impressive objects. From the tower of Babel to the pyramids of Egypt, humanity it seems is focused on creating impressive structures, whether or not they are needed for our survival.

Now it looks as if one Israeli designer has decided to go one step further by designing a skyscrapper that not only allows residents to park their cars near their appartments, but also rotate as well.

( Israeli-born architect David Fisher is building the world's first 'four-dimensional' rotating skyscraper in Dubai.

The 'Dynamic Tower' to be completed by 2010, will have 80 floors, at a height of 420 meters. The building will incorporate offices, apartments and a luxury hotel. Residents will be able to drive their cars directly up to their apartments and park them in the space provided inside the apartment.

The structure will contain giant wind turbines between each floor, providing power to the entire building. Each floor will rotate at different speeds, allowing residents to enjoy Dubai's spectacular skyline from every angle. 

David Fisher's design may not make world history (assuming it does not spark off a global trend), but it may become popular among five star hotels, as it would give them an opportunity to show off the surrounding region (not to mention justify for charging their customers a hefty fee).

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