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Sunday, July 13, 2008

More Polish Citizens Visiting Israel?

It looks like the Chineese are not the only ones visiting Israel in increasing numbers, as Poland's citizens are decending upon the holy land in greater numbers as well.

(Globes Online) Tourism from Poland to Israel has grown, and Poland is now the fifth largest European country of origin for incoming tourists.

About 12,700 Polish tourists entered Israel in May 2008, a 96% increase over May 2007. In the period January May 2008, about 55,500 tourists arrived from Poland, representing an increase of 100% over the corresponding period of last year. The Ministry of Tourism hopes to boost by at least 30% the numbers of Polish tourists entering Israel in 2008. 

Other countries like Italy are also increasing flights towards the Jewish state, which may be a testament towards people tuning out the television in order to experience Israel for themselves.

Hopefully other nations (like Japan) will join the fun, as there is plenty to see in the holy land.

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