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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

IsraGeek: Microsoft May Assimilate 3DV Systems (Potential 3D Gaming For Xbox?)

While this is not the first time Microsoft has courted the Jewish state (as they previously purchased Secured Dimensions and YaData), this latest move could hint at what the Redmond giant is planning for their gaming console Xbox.

(Globes Online) Software giant Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) is negotiating to acquire 3DV Systems Ltd. for $30-$40 million.

IVC reports that 3DV Systems has raised $38 million in investment funds to date. [...]

3DV has targeted the video gaming market. It has developed video camera technology capable of capturing the depth dimension of objects in real time, enabling it to sense motion and recognize shape within a dynamically defined three-dimensional space.

While no word has yet emerged what Microsoft plans on doing with 3DV Systems (as they are still negotiating), although if they did find some way of integrating 3DV Systems 3D technology into a future Xbox, they could dethrone Nintendo's Wii as the king of gaming consoles (at least internationally).

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