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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is PineApp The Israeli Version Of Gmail?

If there is one thing Gmail (an email service by Google) is known for it is its archiving and anti spam features. While gmail is great and dandy (note: this author loves Gmail) some companies may want something similar to handle mail on their own servers instead of Google's.

PineApp, which is located in Nesher (which is right underneath Haifa) has created some interesting hardware/software combo to help companies "defend the gates" against the ever annoying spammers (who need to be destroyed).

(Israel 21st Century) Protecting and archiving e-mail is PineApp's business. What firewalls have done for computer networks, PineApp aims to do for e-mail. The company's first appliance, Mail-SeCure, is a separate piece of hardwire that isolates bad messages in a safe zone and prevents them from contaminating the rest of the system, ensuring maximum security for organizations and users.

PineApp's ArchiveSeCure keeps a record of corporate e-mail activity, allowing managers to reproduce records when required to by government or courts. And SurfSeCure protects organizations from the hazards of web-based e-mail, as well as other online web threats. [...]

"The PineApp appliance is attached to the mail server, and evaluates each message that comes in," Michaeli explains. "Messages are scanned for suspect attachments, and are 'killed' before they make it onto the mail server or into a user's inbox. And any messages that don't have a valid destination are also eliminated before making it onto the server," thus preventing hackers from performing a DOS attack.

The appliances, which are designed for small and medium sized companies, are built on a custom Linux platform that is encrypted on several levels and cannot be easily compromised. This makes it hard for hackers to write viruses or Trojans.

PineApp seems to be gaining ground around the globe, as they already have offices in New York, Florida, England, Russia and Germany--not to mention Israel as well (which they dominate with a 40% market share according to Israel 21st Century).

Time will only tell whether PineApp will be able to challenge the tech giants in the US of A, although if their technology is as good as a lot of people are saying, we may find their company assimilated by Microsoft (who  is currently in talks to purchase yet another Israeli company).

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