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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Israel And Europe Reach Agriculture Trade Agreement

(Image Credit: Jerusalem Baskets)

It looks as if Israel will have an easier time exporting fruits and vegetables towards Europe thanks to a new trade agreement between the Jewish state and the European Union.

(Globes Online) The European Commission and Israel reached a common understanding today on mutual trade concessions in the fields of agricultural products, processed agricultural products and fisheries. [...]

The Delegation of the European Commission to the State of Israel's announcement said, "Once adopted, the agreement will create new trade opportunities for EU exporters in a range of products that could not previously reach the Israeli market. On the other hand, Israel's major exporting sectors will benefit from further liberalization and better market access. The result is a balanced deal ." [sic]

This should help expand Israel's agricultural market which has been gaining international attention as many countries seem to be seeking Israel's advice on raising crop--especially in hostile climates.

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