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Friday, December 14, 2007

Olympics: Can Micky Cobrin Win The Gold For Israel?

With the Olympics coming up shortly in less than a year, one man has decided to use his long distance running skills in order to help bring some glory to the Israeli holy land.

(Ha'aretz) An American athlete who plans to represent Israel in the Track and Field World Championships next year - and who has already set his sights on the Olympics - will be winning those medals in Israel's honor.

Micky Cobrin, a 23-year-old Jewish runner from Chicago who immigrated this week, has already topped Israeli records for the 1500-meter run. A senior at the University of Arkansas - which has one of the top running programs in the U.S. - he will be relocating here after graduation this summer and will be a member of the Maccabi Tel Aviv track and field team.

Cobrin runs a mile in 4.02 minutes, compared to the current Israeli record of 4.03 minutes, but all of Cobrin's previous times were recorded before he received citizenship.

In order for Micky Cobrin to qualify for the World Championships, he has to be able to break a four minute mile, a feat most people on planet Earth can only dream of.

Cobrin seems to have not only the passion, but the ability to give some of those Olympic runners some serious competition next year.

Only time will tell whether or not he brings back a gold medal for Israel, but either way, the Jewish state has a serious contender in one of the most watched sporting events on our planet.

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