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Thursday, December 13, 2007

iMedix: Medical Social Networking, Israeli Style

(Hat Tip: Ha'aretz)

An Israeli startup company called imedix has recently launched a site that allows users to share, rate and compare information with each other through a user friendly social network.

(TechCrunch) iMedix is a social search engine focussed on healthcare that has raised $2 million from angel investors. When you type in a search term, an auto-completed list of health and medical terms pops down to help guide your search. Type in "toe," and it suggests "wound of toenail," "tingling toe" "broken toe," "blue toes," "absence of toe," and "hammer toe," among others. [...]

So as you search, you not only find links to health articles and other information on the Web, you also find other people you can talk to about that health topic. The idea, says co-founder Iri Amirav, is not only "to change the way patients make health-related decisions, but we also want those patients to connect together with other patients. So that with one click, they can connect with others who suffer the same disease."

According to TechCrunch, the founders may plan on working in blogging within the site, although it will probably be put aside until they can hammer out a way to do it securely (after all, they are dealing with medical information here).

Note: This site might prove to be very profitable, as many other companies (including Google) are attempting to "digitalize" the medical field.

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