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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Prime Sense Helping Machines See In 3-D

An Israeli start up company called Prime Sense has raised $9 million in order to help fund its research in enabling computers to view the world in three dimensions.

(Globes Online) Prime Sense aims to revolutionize how we relate to electronic devices. The company's concept rests on a device that enables a computer to perceive the world in 3D in the way people do. [...]

Prime Sense's device includes a sensor, which sees a user, and a digital component, or artificial intelligence, which learns and understands user movement within those surroundings. The interactive device can see, track and react to user movements outside the computer, all without change of environment or wearable equipment for the end user. The closed device is plug and play and platform independent. The company says the device is a plug and play system that requires no peripherals.

Prime Sense has received major funding from companies like Genesis Partners and Gemini Israel Funds.

Their aim is to revolutionize the gaming industry via 3-D, although if they begin to create games where users begin to feel like they are inside The Matrix, then I'll start to worry about video games destroying the youth of the world.

You can check out their site over here.

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