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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Video: Israeli Designer Turns Tires Into A Fashion Statement

Despite the fact that the government of Israel "encourages everyone" to recycle their tires instead of dumping them, it looks as if one fashion designer has gone the extra step by turning abandoned tires into attractive wallets and purses.

(Israel 21st Century) Some women send their husbands out of the house to get rid of the trash. Israeli Elanit Neutra, 37, sends her husband to fetch it in: in this case used rubber inner tubes from old tires at a local garage.

After a scrub and clean, Neutra cuts the rubber to a desired shape, patches the pieces together and creates one-of-a-kind designs - wallets, purses, notebooks, and laptop bags - all making treads in the fashion world, both in Israel and in the US. [...]

Wallets are her most popular item, she guesses, but people also like the messenger bags and purses - the trendy accessories that look like leather, but which have distinctive patterns and qualities of their own.

While her products are available at certain stores in Los Angeles and New York, American readers can order her goods over at i Design which features a host of Israeli made products awaiting American hands.

Readers can check out small sample of her work over at, although there does not seem to be a way to order these eco chic sensations online (editor's note: that's unfortunate, as I was looking for a laptop bag too).

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